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    Why You Shouldn’t Use AI Generated Content For SEO

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    Why You Shouldn’t Use AI Generated Content For SEO
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    Why You Shouldn’t Use AI Generated Content For SEO

    Why You Shouldn’t Use AI Generated Content For SEO

    No matter your industry, there is nothing more important than connecting with audiences and there is no better way to do that than with engaging content. It might seem like a pretty simple formula but it is tough to create content that is informative, relevant and engaging on a regular basis. Even the most creative minds will experience writer’s block or run out of ideas, and this is the point that AI generated content seems the most appealing.

    Turning to bots for captions, articles or even photo content might seem simple but it can actually hurt your SEO. Stay tuned while we break down the finer points of AI generated content for SEO so you can decide for yourself.

    What is Generative AI?

    Artificial intelligence has been a hot button issue for years but now it has become a household tool. Generative AI uses software to create written or photo content at the touch of a button — seems like magic, right? The reality is that these programs use algorithms to analyze data from hundreds of thousands of sources.

    AI generators are “trained” or “taught” using large amounts of existing content pulled from all corners of the web. This collected data, combined with natural language processing (NLP) allows AI to create “new” content. The aim of using AI to create content is to save time and money, as well as helping content creators churn out multiple post, articles and blogs on a regular schedule. In an ideal world this might be the case but machine learning is ultimately flawed. AI tools can be used to create a quick piece of content, but this shortcut is ultimately bad for SEO.

    Is AI Generated Content Good For SEO?

    Search engines are getting smarter than ever and with that, online competition is fierce. Standing out in a crowd requires dedication to SEO practices and leaning on AI to create content is just bad practice.

    Unoriginal Content: Earning a top spot on Google doesn’t just happen. This search engine, along with every other search engine scours the web, hunting for relevant content based on a variety of factors. In addition to locations and keywords, search engines will favour unique content with a consistent tone of voice and informative content. Because AI uses pre-existing data to produce content, it can’t come up with any unique perspectives. This lack of originality can negatively affect your results, as well as user experience.

    Formulaic content is not only predictable, it results in a lack of personalty and recycled sentences. Boring and robotic content isn’t interesting for readers and can lead to plagiarism and copyright infringement.

    Lack of Context: AI generators aren’t able to understand context, which is a key component of engaging content. These tools might be able to create high quality content in a formal atmosphere, they aren’t able to account for the subtleties of language, colloquialisms, or cultural references. These are all useful when creating content for a particular audience.

    Lack of Creativity: AI written content can’t match human creativity and certainly can’t connect with readers on a personal level. In the same way that AI generated content promises to reduce human oversight, it also can’t captivate an audience like a human voice can. Robotic sounding content is just that: repetitive, bland and monotonous. This means you can’t rely on AI-generated materials for content marketing.

    Curated Content: Improve Your SEO Efforts

    Leaving the content creation process up to human minds isn’t just great for your audience, it is better for your search results. SEO experts are able to provide engaging content, along with keyword research and a wide variety of content types that align with best practices. On top of all that, hiring professional SEO services can help to preserve your budget while garnering more traffic.

    Search engines like Google are constantly updating their algorithms, which means the requirements for SEO will shift. AI generators can’t keep up with these changes and they certainly can’t predict them. An experienced SEO professional can better evaluate algorithm updates and tweak existing content to accommodate the updates.

    On-page content is only one aspect of SEO. Even if an AI generator is able to create content for a website, they do not dive any deeper than that. It is important to consider everything from headings, tags, URLs and more when consider SEO efforts. More than anything, hiring an SEO expert will generate more traffic and conversions. Engaging content keeps audiences reading and that means a lower bounce rate, higher rates of subscribers and a sky-high uptick in your organic traffic. Of course, search engine optimization is a process and doesn’t happen over night but with a strong foundation, you can see improvement right away that will only grow over time.

    When you want the best SEO results for your Vancouver business, Quake Media uses highly trained specialists and never rely on AI generated content. Book a consultation with the Quake Media team and find out how creative and unique content, combined with specialized SEO practices will benefit your brand.