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    Why Expert SEO Services Are A Good Investment

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    Why Expert SEO Services Are A Good Investment
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    Why Expert SEO Services Are A Good Investment

    Why Expert SEO Services Are A Good Investment

    As a business owner you want to grow your brand and reach new audiences and there is no better place to do that than online. The internet is home to a never-ending stream of potential customers but they have to be able to find you. No one scrolls down to the third or fourth page of Google search ads looking for products or services. In basic terms, the higher your online position, the more likely you are to gain new clients and/or customers and you can’t get there without SEO.

    Search Engine Optimization is no longer optional for businesses. If you want to reach new customers, establish your brand and encourage growth you will need an SEO strategy. Boosting your search engine rankings isn’t as easy as tossing in a few keywords and waiting for the leads to roll in. Experienced search engine optimization services improve your score through creative, informative and engaging content as well as technical SEO like site health, link building options and user experience.

    Understanding SEO: What Impacts Your Online Visibility

    Whether you are just starting out with a new website or are working with an existing site it is important to remember that every aspect of a web page contributes to the overall SEO score. This includes everything from the text content on your landing pages, photos on product pages, meta descriptions and even site footers. An experienced SEO agency can help to navigate your site from top to bottom, identifying what works, what doesn’t, areas of opportunity and most importantly, will help you increase your online visibility.

    Technical SEO

    The goal of any website is to be informative, engaging and convenient. Search engines will consider the technical aspects of your website when ranking them. As important as on-page content is, how your site functions is always a major consideration for Google search results. Users won’t sit around and wait for a web page to load, they will navigate away, usually toward your competitors.

    Just because a site looks great doesn’t mean that people can find it. You want search engines to be able to crawl your site for relevant information and keywords. This means maintaining an SEO-friendly site architecture. An experienced developer will construct sites in a way that allows site crawlers to review content efficiently. Submitting an XML sitemap can also help search engines like Google find and index your webpages. SEO experts are able to properly index your site.

    The best way to manage your technical SEO is with a site health audit. This will address all of the existing errors on your site and provide links to the impacted pages. This allows developers and SEO experts to track and treat issues to improve your overall SEO score.

    On-Page SEO

    Once you have got your site architecture settled and your sitemap indexed it is important to review all of the existing content on your site. This can include obvious content like text blocks but it also includes title tags, URLs, internal links and even alt pages for photos. The goal of any search engine is to provide users with relevant and informative content. If your content answers questions, for example, it will help to draw organic traffic to your page.

    The best way to provide usable content to your audiences is to understand their intent. If your audiences are looking to learn more about a specialized topic, they likely won’t want to read about products. By differentiating between informative, commercial, or transactional traffic, you can cater to the express needs of your clients.

    Successful on-page SEO involves content but it doesn’t stop there. Everything on your page counts as content. This means the structure and type of headings, internal links, images, title tags, meta descriptions and more.


    Choosing the right keywords to use in your on-page content can be tricky and finding the best way to put them to use is even harder. SEO experts perform extensive keyword research aimed at pinpointing relevant topics and keywords. Just peppering these keywords into body content can’t help you rank higher — in fact, it can have a negative impact on your position.

    Every topic will have some obvious keywords but ranking them requires strategy. An experienced agency will provide a list of primary keywords, as well as broad result and relevant matches. With a list in hand, experts examine keyword difficulty and compare it with search volume, pinpointing the top areas for opportunity to boost your online presence.


    No one wants to click a link only to end up lost in a mess of irrelevant content. Strategically placed internal links will connect to other pages on your own site. This helps to build bond with your audiences and will encourage them to stick around learning more about your brand. This can help to define site structure and improve user experience through simple navigation. Linking out to authoritative sources can also help to build your credibility.

    Optimize For Speed & Mobile

    The majority of search engine usage happens on mobile devices. If your site is not optimized for mobile, there is a good chance that your audiences will just navigate away before ever seeing your home page. Agencies have access to page speed testers and can help to analyze where your page is getting stuck. From there, they provide insight on how to fix the issues that are causing lag.

    What Does An SEO Agency Do?

    The goal of an SEO specialist is to improve your rate of organic traffic, drawing new audiences to your site. You can’t grow a brand without an audience and search engines are a huge step toward gaining new customers and improving brand loyalty. When working with an agency you can expect specialists to create a comprehensive overview of your current condition, identifying existing issues, areas for improvement and will create an action plan.

    SEO strategists have insider knowledge of the industry and an in-depth understanding of what makes a website tick. The experts at Quake Media have decades of development and optimization under their belts so creating efficient and realistic strategies are a walk in the park.

    There is no one method to improving SEO scores, the process is made up of many moving parts. A Site Audit, for example, identifies issues with technical SEO and site structure. An SEO Audit provides a comprehensive look at existing content, links, images and more. From content creation to site development, Quake Media is able to break criteria down into understandable and approachable tasks that will result in a long term improvement for your site and your business overall.

    An SEO campaign is not a quick solution to a short term problem, it is an on-going practice of maintenance to keep up with shifting algorithms and standards. SEO consulting is a thriving industry but it is important to work with experienced developers and specialists that will create the most positive change in the best possible timeframe.

    More than sticking to websites alone, Quake Media offers PPC and social media ads to encourage growth, traffic and conversions. Whether you are building a new brand or reinforcing a new one SEO is your not-so-secret weapon.