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Website Hosting

Our Website Hosting packages do not discriminate based on size but are available for all websites. Whether you are hosting your site on a micro level or a large-scale E-Commerce site, we are available to fit you with the appropriate Cpanel account. Website Hosting Services can be left to your own devices, allowing clients complete control over their own website maintenance. or relying on our media team for all of your site management.

Although personal website maintenance is not impossible, there are few very important reasons to consider outside Website Hosting. The operation of your business should be the primary focus of both yourself and employees but the needs of a website may vary from day to day, in the same way that your workload does. Website hosting is our priority so it does not have to be yours, allowing you to put the focus on your growing business.

Along with server-related services, our Website Hosting helps your search-engine ranking with SEO-friendly pages. Our content-writers use Search Engine Optimization to ensure that your website ranks highly when searched.

Website Hosting provides a solution to additional time and money spent on website maintenance. When entrusting your website to an outside party you are avoiding the added cost of hardware and software needed to maintain the site independently. When running smoothly, the concept of website maintenance seems easy enough but when things go wrong, it is important to have the help you need. With our Hosting, you are eliminating the long wait times and basic answers that come with a large-scale hosting site. When in need, you will be able to speak to an actual member of our media team and not a recording.

Website Hosting implements security, reliability and cost-effective strategies to your website. These strategies include all of your server-related issues, including storage management, server security and monitoring. This monitoring allows us to keep eyes on your website and ensure that there are no vulnerabilities to security or impending problems with the site itself. Far from waiting until problems become detrimental, regulated monitoring allows us to stop problems before they start. Diverting time and money to repairing these issues take resources away from your business.

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