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    The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing to An Agency

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    The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing to An Agency
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    The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing to An Agency

    The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing to An Agency

    Businesses are relying on a digital presence more than ever, but creating a strong online presence can be a lot to take on. Without online marketing experience, it can take years to fully understand how to properly market your brand. Outsourcing your marketing to an agency is a more efficient and ultimately cost effective way to grow your brand, create unique marketing strategies and achieve your goals.

    As with all emerging, or small businesses, maintaining a budget is an important sticking point in daily operations. Without industry expertise, it can take years to improve your online presence, and an in-house team often comes with a heavy price tag. Hiring an in-house team requires taking on another employee, or taking time away from daily needs in order to keep up with a necessary social media presence. Using a media agency to increase your online presence means having the ability to pay a flat fee or hourly rate, based on a project. In addition to set pricing models, digital media teams are able to help preserve budgets, stick to deadlines, provide expert insight, offer access to tools and resources, all without sacrificing results.

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    Large-scale companies might be able to outfit entire departments with all of the tools, resources and personnel to create dynamic and engaging campaigns that showcase their brands. Small to mid-sized companies, as well as local businesses, do not always have the option for an in-house team, but this does not mean that you shouldn’t have the option to increase your visibility.

    Industry Experience & Knowledge: You might have a bit of experience in the world of digital marketing and web development, but at an agency, it is a full-time job! Over time, agencies have come to understand the ins and outs of building successful campaigns geared toward expanding audiences and creating a healthy conversion rate. More than the obvious areas for opportunity, a web developer or SEO expert can help to use advanced practices to expand your brand through external linking, guest posting, as well as important on-page content and additions.

    Specialty Resources: Each industry has their own speciality tools, and a media agency is no different. In a digital world, this can be paid platforms designed for industry professionals, or software and lead generation resources. Marketing tools cost money, but are often worth the expense — if you know how to use them. With an in-house option, business owners are responsible for these costs as well, adding to an already high cost total. Without an unlimited budget, it is nearly impossible to keep up with the resources of an agency. It can take months of studying, experimenting, along with trial and error to figure these tools out — and you don’t have time for that! As a business owner, it is great to have a grasp of the basics of site maintenance and marketing but for the sake of efficiency, leave the rest to the experts. The team at a reputable agency not only has access to these tools, but they know how to put them to use.

    Keep Costs Down: Agencies are often more proficient than an in-house team. Mistakes are bound to happen during the learning period of a new campaign, or when putting a new tool or program to use. Every mistake is a notch out of your budget. An agency can help to prevent these pitfalls and protect your budget, creating a greater return on investment (ROI).

    Faster Results: Agencies have a great understanding of what builds results. By being knowledgable about how to best optimize websites and create ad campaigns, experienced agencies can implement necessary changes immediately, as well as developing a system designed to achieve long-term growth. Results don’t happen over night and business owners can’t expect immediate results, but with a thorough action plan, it can be done as quickly as possible.

    Team Size: For a mid-size company, your marketing department is often small, sometimes as small as a single employee. A small team can drag out tasks, while an agency has the man power to handle large projects in a shorter time frame. The ability to have multiple individuals, each working on a different aspect of a project can help to meet deadlines faster without sacrificing quality. Different strategies carried out by different people, dividing details instead of a single-person team means equal division and prevents a single team member from becoming overwhelmed during a project.

    Better Time Management: When you want to improve web presence, marketing is important, but it is not the only part of running a business. Shifting focus solely to marketing can take away from daily operations, ultimately costing money. Creating campaigns takes hours, while delegating them to an expert takes minutes. Leaving campaigns and site optimization to an agency frees up valuable time.

    Advanced Knowledge: To an agency, understanding current and upcoming trends is just part of the job. An outdated approach not only makes your business seem like it is behind the times, it can actually drive audiences away. Agencies are constantly researching to keep on top of these trends and to understand which practices should be left in the past. Keep ahead of the competition and create efficient campaigns.

    An agency can help to improve web presence on a budget, in an accelerated time frame while casting a wide net to potential customers, and creating greater conversions. Enlisting an agency like Quake Media can help your brand excel in:

    • Web Design and Development
    • PPC Advertising
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Content Marketing
    • And More