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    Website Hosting

    Website Hosting
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    Website Hosting

    Even the most informative and well constructed website cannot last without proper functionality. A basic website builder might come along with minor hosting plans but these are often not reliable or are not able to provide the speed and performance capability that your site needs. At Quake, our website hosting packages do not discriminate based on size but are available for all types, styles and functionality of websites.

    Whether you are looking to outfit your site on a micro level or as a large-scale e-commerce site, our web hosting services are made to fit your unique needs. Once established, clients can be left to their own devices, having complete control over their own website maintenance and management. With a full customer support team behind you, it is possible to have the best of both worlds, control and customer service.

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    Website Hosting
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    Quake Media: Your Best Hosting Options

    It is possible carry out the basic principles of website maintenance on your own, but these efforts do not guarantee the best results. Outsourcing your web hosting to a professional can help to improve the overall functionally of your website.

    The operation of large or small businesses should be the primary focus of yourself and your employees but these needs can clash with the day-to-day tasks required to keep your site running. Having dedicated servers in-house means maintaining physical hardware, as well as the daily maintenance of your site, which vary from day to day, in the same way that your workload does.

    When performed properly, your website hosting solutions can help to improve your SEO rankings. SEO and site functionality are the lifeblood of your e-commerce sites. By opting for a professionally managed WordPress site, you can focus completely on the growth and management of the product and service side of your business. Hosting is our priority, so it doesn’t have to be yours, allowing you to put your focus where it matters most.

    Website Hosting
    Search Engine Optimization

    Increase Your Organic Traffic

    Our team of experts are able to not only create excellent web designs, but to help you show them off, as well.

    SEO services can be combined with great web design, driving organic traffic and increasing the visibility of your brand.

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    Vancouver Website Hosting

    Canadian web hosting is key to growing your business and that is particularly true in Vancouver, where the competition is fierce. Along with server-related services, our Website Hosting helps your search-engine ranking with SEO-friendly pages. Our content-writers use Search Engine Optimization to ensure that your website ranks highly when searched.

    Website Hosting provides a solution to additional time and money spent on website maintenance. When entrusting your website to an outside party you are avoiding the added cost of hardware and software needed to maintain the site independently. When running smoothly, the concept of website maintenance seems easy enough but when things go wrong, it is important to have the help you need.

    With our hosting services, you are eliminating the long wait times and basic answers that come with a large-scale hosting site. When in need, you will be able to speak to an actual member of our media team and not a recording.

    Website Hosting implements security, reliability and cost-effective strategies to your website. These strategies include all of your server-related issues, including storage management, server security and monitoring. This monitoring allows us to keep eyes on your website and ensure that there are no vulnerabilities to security or impending problems with the site itself.

    Far from waiting until problems become detrimental, regulated monitoring allows us to stop problems before they start, diverting time and money to repairing these issues takes resources away from your business. In addition to removing risk, our experts are able to outfit your control panel with tons of features, designed to make your site management simple and more effective, like scheduling, live chat and other features without slowing down your system.

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