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    Vancouver Website Development

    Vancouver Website Development
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    The internet is saturated with every sort of website imaginable. As the world’s leading way to transmit and share information, it is important to set yourself apart from the competition. As sites begin to flood servers, web site owners rely on strategies, ease of use and unique presentation to stand out from the crowd.

    Vancouver based Quake Media offers a wide range of top quality web design, combined with unique media strategies in order to provide the most appealing and user-friendly site possible. Proper web development creates a platform that stays in line with your branding while giving readers what they really want.

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    Vancouver Website Development
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    Professional Web Services

    Bringing a vision to life requires creating a functional and appealing layout, from the framework and up. Creative graphic design tactics might catch a reader’s eye but a thriving online presence requires more than that. Drawing in potential clients, means more than a snappy visual layout. When constructing a full-service web presence, it is important to consider user experience as well.

    Anyone can go online and create a bare-bones website but without a unique sense of purpose, there is nothing to engage online traffic. Basic site constructions do not allow owners to properly portray their own distinct vision. Templates require information to be simply punched into a box and presented in a generic way. Recycled visuals and basic demonstrations are not enough to keep your customers engaged. By choosing a professional service for your web development, you are getting a new website that is in-line with your business growth goals and that can serve your clients better.

    Vancouver Website Development
    Search Engine Optimization

    Increase Your Organic Traffic

    Our team of experts are able to not only create excellent web designs, but to help you show them off, as well.

    SEO services can be combined with great web design, driving organic traffic and increasing the visibility of your brand.

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    In order to bring our clients the best possible results, the Quake Media method combines Search Engine Optimization (SEO), individualized web design and custom WordPress themes. These practices allow potential clients to find you through search engines and connect with content on your site. By creating a space that is uniquely yours and geared toward your ideal client, sites are able to move faster with stream-lined features. Simply using a template limits the amount of new technologies that can be incorporated. This does not do much to keep up with current trends. By-passing practices like optimization limits online traffic unnecessarily.

    In addition to creating appealing layouts and gripping content, the media specialists at Quake Media create E-Commerce sites to better serve business owners. These responsive websites serve both site owners and consumers with an organized catalogue and safe transaction methods.

    Choosing Quake Media as Your Web Solutions Company

    If learning web development were a quick and easy process, everyone would do it. Customer website programming is written in a language of its own – sometimes literally, such as with hypertext markup language. Being fluent in programming languages is a developer specialization and it is what lays the groundwork for your unique digital strategy. Digital marketing is comprised of many moving parts but all of these are dependant on an efficient, functional and user-friendly site.

    A thriving online web based presence is just the first step to a healthy relationship to marketing and communication. Our media team has had the opportunity to partner with diverse clients and brands from all industries. Recent projects with HBO, Netflix and Hallmark TV demonstrate our abilities to create digital banner ads, as well as full-page takeovers. Our Vancouver website design, as well as advertising can be made to fit any demographic group while maintaining a sense of uniqueness.

    Quake Media offers a perspective for your customers, potential and current, that is uniquely, your own. Custom WordPress themes create the first-impressions on the user interface that you need, to put your best foot forward. When visitors land on your web site, you want them to leave with a lasting impression that will keep your business fresh in their mind.

    The Importance of Specialized Website Design and Development in Vancouver BC

    The business world is competitive throughout the Greater Vancouver Area. With so many options to choose from, drawing traffic to your business is dependant on a wide variety of factors, including accessible web applications and functionality, we as well user (or customer) experience. Specialized developers build customized sites that cater to the unique needs of your business.

    Incorporating special features is part of what sets Quake websites apart from cookie-cutter web design and standard templated styles. Custom programming allows the ability to not only draw customers in, but to create the ultimate user experience from the client side. From building websites to holding media and information on a secure web server, the experienced developers at Quake can help to build your new website from initial design, and even through hosting.

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    Website Development

    Our Recent Projects

    Discover our latest project - a user-friendly WordPress website with WooCommerce integration, boasting an effortlessly manageable admin panel for streamlined e-commerce operations

    Mammoth Gold Nuggets

    Built in Wordpress, the Kwantlen University Student Association incorporates elements of scheduling and news bulletins, with accessible contact options and eCommerce options. A dynamic design keeps students engaged with easy access to information and simple navigation.

    Pickle Painting

    A brand new site, developed using a custom Wordpress theme, designed around bright and specialized branding, complete with SEO capability and easy to navigate pages.

    Pickle Painting
    Puddle Pools
    Puddle Pools

    Pool care has never been so fun. SEO may bring engagement to the home page of this custom Wordpress site, but it is clear presentation and speed that keeps them there. Showcased testimonials and regular blog posts provide insight and connection with audiences.

    NCT Excavating

    This direct information-based site showcases a roster of technical services. Customer testimonials and interactive contact form, make it easier than ever to for this family-run business to connect with customers.

    NCT Excavating
    John Q Moving
    John Q Moving

    An updated take on an established site, WordPress construction has incorporated appointment booking, as well as SEO capability and eCommerce plug-ins to help with managing deposits and customer payments.


    Custom WordPress site complete with business profiles, the option for filtered company searches, SEO enabled on-page content, and blog capabilities, this easy-to-use website makes cruising business opportunities, simple.

    Eenie Meenie Miny Mow!

    Built in Wordpress, this custom landscaping website has been fully optimized for easy content management. It includes testimonials, a blog, multiple contact forms and has been fully optimized for search engines.

    We took the existing Carls Jr. website design and ported it into a custom responsive Wordpress theme. Along with the new website we also integrated a Store Locator, Custom Facebook Feed, Youtube Video playlist and imported all their menu items.

    Carls Jr Canada

    Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of British Columbia. This is much more than just a custom Wordpress theme, we have integrated their members accounts and profiles into an easy to use administratoin panel where Members can pay their dues, manage account and much more.

    Starting with a fresh design and a Vancouver video showpiece this new custom Wordpress build was a lot of fun to build. Complete with a member forum, custom post types, event calendar and easy to use administration system.

    Building Officials Of BC
    Granco Stone Masony

    A showcase piece for a local Stone Mason Company. This custom HTML build is mobile and SEO friendly, with an easy to use project portfolio.

    A website that allows merchants to accept both Bitcoins & Litecoins as a form of payment. This is an incredible website that has an amazing amount of functionality, integrated with the Bitcoin and Litecoin RPC API, as well as various currency exchanges APIs.

    Shift Coins
    Cause Centric Productions

    Celine Cousteau's charity webiste; CauseCentric Productions produces and distributes multi-media content with an emphasis on short films to amplify the voices and communicate the stories of solution focused grassroots organizations and individuals working on environmental and socio-cultural issues.

    Bedrock Natural Stone

    Bedrock Granite Sales is a wholesale and producer of many beautiful natural stones. Starting with a fresh design we recoded their current build and produced a mobile friendly, responsive website that is easy to navigate, google friendly and showcases their many products in a beautiful slide gallery. A custom blog was built for easy announcements and user comments.

    Bedrock Natural Stone
    Gorilla Property Services

    A fun website with lots of different animations and effects. Along with the site build Quake Media developed all the branding from the logo to brochures. Be sure to keep an eye out on the streets for one of the airbrushed Gorilla Property Trucks.