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    Social Media Advertising Vancouver

    Social Media Advertising Vancouver
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    Grow Your Business With Social Media Advertising:

    Vancouver Based, Global Reach

    When used properly, social media is an incredibly powerful business tool. Many companies choose to create social accounts but are you really getting the most out of them? If your carefully curated online profiles aren’t getting the traction that they deserve, it is time to consider social media advertising. Any active marketing strategy that doesn’t include digital juggernauts like Instagram, TikTok, X and even Facebook, is missing out on a huge opportunity.

    Without an active social media presence it is nearly impossible to reach audiences that aren’t already in your neighbourhood. There are far more social media users now than there are TV audiences or print readers. In fact, nearly half of the global population use some kind of social media. This is a massive global market that is just waiting to be tapped into with specialized ads.

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    Social Media Advertising Vancouver
    The Benefits of Successful Ad Campaigns:

    How Social Media Advertising Can Help Your Business

    For as long as there has been media, there have been media ads. It started in books and newspapers, then moved onto television and now, digital marketing is the most effective way to get the word out about your business.

    At its core, social media advertising is just that, ads for products or services on online platforms.There isn’t any one single way to market your business on social platforms. There are many different types of ad campaigns out there, some of which involve video ads, text-based graphics, product listings and more. This type of advertising is increasingly popular due to its affordability, flexibility and the fact that phone and computer usage is at an all-time high. Read on for some of the ways that effective social media ad campaigns can help to grow your business.

    Social Media Advertising Vancouver
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    Increase Your Organic Traffic

    Our team of experts are able to not only create excellent web designs, but to help you show them off, as well.

    Social Media Advertising can be combined with great web design, driving organic traffic and increasing the visibility of your brand.

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    Affordable Advertising

    Social media marketing allows for targeted ads. This means putting your brand in front of your ideal customer demographic based on age, location, interests and keywords. By targeting your audience, you can rest assured that your campaign is reaching the right audience and your investment isn’t being wasted. Set your ad spend budget on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and allow your ads to run until the budget runs out. Social media advertising costs are much lower than traditional marketing types, so an effective campaign is never out of reach.

    Creative Freedom

    When creating a social media ad you get to create content without the restrictions that come along with traditional media. A radio ad, for example, will have a time limit and designated air time. Social ads can appear at any chosen time and will display content as you have designed it.

    Accessible Success Metrics

    Instead of sitting at the edge of your seat waiting for reports on your campaigns, you can log into campaign managers at any time to view progress. These metrics keep you informed but they also offer insight into how to optimize your future campaigns. Working with an experienced agency can help to navigate concurrent campaigns for comparison.

    Target Your Ads

    Social media advertising isn’t restricted to one platform but can be spread out to reach as large of an audience as possible. The larger your reach, the more options you will have for targeting audiences. In the past these ads were distributed according to location but now there are tons of criteria options to choose from. When using larger platforms ads can be distributed according to age, location, income, interests and more.

    Conversion Rates

    Your products and services won’t appeal to everyone. Putting your ads in front of in uninterested audiences is a waste of time and resources. Part of the reason that social media ads are so effective is that you can target the right audience that will turn into buyers or subscribers. In addition to drawing new audiences, targeting ads to those who already like or follow your page can encourage anyone on the fence to take action.

    Social Media Is a Lifestyle

    Many social media platforms got their start as a quick, easy and interactive way to share ideas and photos with friends and family. Now, social media is a place that users share, interact, shop, learn and even work. For many people TikTok, Youtube, X, Facebook and Instagram are their comfort zones. Some individuals use one of these while others use all of them. This makes multiple platforms a great way to interact with potential customers on multiple levels, multiple times a day. Maximum exposure means strengthening brand awareness and loyalty.

    Sell Out Events

    There is a lot of buzz in the content marketing world about how social media ads can help to sell products but it can also help to sell event tickets. When hosting a fundraiser or local play, music showcase or other community event, selling tickets is extremely important. By creating instagram ads that are aimed within your own community and surrounding areas, you have a better chance of putting viewers in seats.

    Lead Generation

    In addition to simply introducing potential customers to your brand, specific ad campaigns aimed at lead generation can help to maximize a product launch or grow your email list. For example, Facebook and Instagram advertising is a great way to advertise a product launch ahead of time and adding a call to action can help to understand your supply needs. These platforms are great for connecting with customers while LinkedIn is the preferred platform for B2B (business to business) marketing.

    Social Media Advertising: Expert Ad Campaigns Made Easy With Quake Media

    Working with an experienced ad agency can help you understand your metrics, your highest performing ad types (posts, stories, ads that feature photos versus text, reels, etc.), and the ad costs that come along with them. Online advertising has its own language but the experts at Quake Media are ready and able to translate them for you. Experienced media specialists break down impressions, reach, engagements and analytics into a clean and understandable bottom line.

    Quake Media is a full service agency. This means we cannot only create effective social media advertising campaigns. We can take data from these campaigns and apply it to other areas of your business. The results of an ad blitz for example, can provide insights into the type of content that your target audiences want to see. This enables us to create appealing content for your websites that will help showcase your brand. Curated ad creative design should match your web design and branding for a cohesive vision.

    Tailor your future campaigns for better performance and great success. Let the specialists at Quake Media develop an advertising plan that fits your budget, reaches your target audience and strengthens your brand. Book a consultation with Quake Media today to discuss the best way to maximize your brand awareness, loyalty and connect with your customers.

    Build Your Brand With An Experienced Media Agency

    Building a business takes time. Over the years digital demand will change. Creating an online presence requires time, energy and resources that will draw focus away from your daily operations. Professional development teams can help to create effective ad campaigns according to your established branding, or create your online presence from the ground, up.

    A well-designed social media ad should direct audiences to a well-designed website. Each of these should compliment each other and share recognizable branding and voice. Before you even think about advertising it is important to take stock of your online presence and Quake Media can help. With options for revamping existing sites or creating new ones, developing logos and branding, as well as optimizing content, our experts are able to maximize your digital profile down to the finest detail.

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