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    Google Ads Agency Vancouver

    Google Ads Agency Vancouver
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    High Quality PPC Campaigns

    Advertising is everywhere. It’s on billboards, bus benches, newspapers and most notably, online. Out of all of the different types of marketing, digital ads are the most effective. Online advertising allows businesses to connect with audiences who are most likely to be interested in your products or services.

    This means more effective campaigns and making the most out of your budget. Online advertising is effective no matter the size of your business or the industry that you are in. Digital ads have become increasingly popular over the years and when working with a Google Ads agency, Vancouver businesses are seeing all of the benefits.

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    Google Ads Agency Vancouver
    The Benefits of Google Ads:

    Grow Your Business With Relevant Engagement

    There are tons of online tools that help businesses measure metrics like traffic, engagements, likes and followers. These metrics can be helpful but don’t necessarily translate to sales or conversions. If you operate a service-based business in Vancouver, getting likes or followers from other provinces or countries aren’t helpful. Creating relevant engagements is just one of the many benefits of Google advertising.

    Targeted Ads. When creating online ads it is important to make sure that they are reaching the right audiences (potential customers). An experienced agency like Quake Media create efficient Google ad campaigns. Effective ad campaigns include keywords, location, demographics, date and times, or even specific devices for the most effective approach.

    Google Ads Agency Vancouver
    Search Engine Optimization

    Increase Your Traffic

    Our team of experts are able to not only create excellent web designs, but to help you show them off, as well.

    PPC services can be combined with great web design, driving organic traffic and increasing the visibility of your brand.

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    Set Your Budget Unlike a print ad or billboard, Google PPC ads don’t involve fluctuating costs or high prices. Online ads let you set your budget and stick to it. PPC ads (pay per click) are just that — you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Working with Google ads experts allows you to set a daily, weekly or monthly budget and set a spend cap.

    Monitor Your Campaign in Real Time. When using a Google Ads account your will never have to wonder whether it is working or not. These campaigns offer notifications and updates when your ad is clicked on and lets you follow along with the engagement. Thorough Google ads management will showcase which ads brought in active engagement and what type of engagement it was. Analyzing this data means seeing which ads are working for you and which ones aren’t.

    Manage Your Campaigns. An ads account can provide tons of insight into how many clicks and interactions your ads are getting. This information isn’t very useful if you don’t know how to use it. A trained eye can help you to decide where to invest your resources and identify which ads aren’t pulling their weight.

    Refocusing attention to the successful ads and eliminating the under performers creates the highest return on investment. Campaign data can also be used to create a framework of your customers’ shopping habits and help to create future campaigns.

    Quake Media: Successful Google Ad Campaigns For Your Business

    Even a quick Google search can turn up dozens, or hundreds of advertisements for certain products or services. Improving your ad rankings requires strategy, captivating content, keyword usage and a well designed landing page. After years of experience in online advertising, the Quake Media team can help to design, manage and monitor campaigns for any industry.

    Working with an experienced digital marketing and media agency can help to design, create, manage and monitor your campaigns for a more successful outcome. The Quake Media team creates unique and effective ad copy, as well as eye-catching graphics and informational content. Ad management will assess cost per click, classify ad groups and Google Adwords for efficient campaigns.

    As a growing business, a popular search engine can be your most valuable tool. Creating targeted ads that are informative, engaging and speak to your branding is a great way to grow your business and Quake Media wants to help. In addition to offering dynamic ad campaigns, update your web presence with a custom-built website. Book a consultation with the Quake Media team and expand your reach, attract new clients and put your products on the map.

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