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    Link Building For Local SEO Should Be Done Right

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    Link Building For Local SEO Should Be Done Right
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    Link Building For Local SEO Should Be Done Right

    Link Building For Local SEO Should Be Done Right

    There is no doubt about it, local search engine optimization is vital for growing your business. SEO will help to boost your online visibility but it can also help to attract relevant audiences and filter out unhelpful ones. Having an international audience is great but if you are operating a service-based business these followers won’t help you make sales. When implemented properly, local link building techniques can help to connect businesses with local customers, increasing the chance of making a sale or booking a service.

    What is Link Building?

    Link building is the process of building a network that connects other businesses and individuals within the local community, back to your own. These links can be backlinks, inbound links or incoming links. By making these a part of your local SEO strategy, businesses are able to enhance their authority, reach target audiences and enhance brand visibility.

    In the past local directories like the Yellow Pages were a great way for local residents to find services in their area. Now, Google has taken this top spot, allowing audiences to browse dozens — or hundreds — of listings within a matter of seconds. The most relevant search results are presented first while others are buried in pages and pages of search results. In fact, the top five search engine results receive more than 65% of clicks.

    Climbing to the top of Google means a multi-faceted approach to SEO involving keywords, informative content, relevant information, organized layouts, and link building.

    Local Backlink: These are links that redirect from other local websites to your own. These might be reviews from local bloggers or media outlets. The more local citations your website gets, the more exposure you will have within the local community. This also strengthens your domain authority and by connecting with reputable businesses in the area, customers are more inclined to trust your brand.

    Internal Links: By linking from one page of your website to another, you can help guide audiences from one piece of relevant content to another. This encourages users to stay on your site longer, becoming more familiar with your brand. Messy or complex navigation can leave visitors looking for a quick answer to leave your site, visiting a competitor instead. Internal linking makes site-wide navigation simple and will reduce the risk of visitors clicking away.

    External Links: These are links that lead from your website to another one. A common instance of these being used is when businesses sponsor local events. You can link out to municipal pages and organizations to see event details like dates and your level of involvement. It is also common to add external links to a case study or research that strengthen informative blog posts.

    How Does Link Building Impact Search Engine Results?

    Have you ever considered how Google ranks the relevancy of a website or what sets one apart from another? Google considers over 200 factors when ranking websites. These include everything from on-page content, alt-tags, meta descriptions and of course, links. In fact, backlinks are one of the top contributing factors when ranking a website. A backlink from other local businesses are seen as votes or positive referrals. Other businesses wouldn’t link out to yours if they didn’t consider your brand/services to be reputable and reliable. In the same way that you would take a referrals from a friend, audiences take these links as a positive endorsement.

    Search engines tend to look at:

    • How many backlinks a website is getting?
    • How many backlinks you are getting over time? This is an indicator whether links have been purchased all at once or have happened organically over time.
    • How relevant are the links? Backlinks are a quality over quantity type of situation. Having 10 backlinks from local electricians, restaurants or clothing stores are not necessarily effective if you have a dental practice. On the flip side, one backlink from a local dental college or periodontist will go a long way with your local ranking.
    • What is Your Domain Authority Score? A domain authority score is a metric that was developed by Moz to gauge the predicted ranking of your site according to SERP. This score measures relevancy in a niche or market and indicates the reliability of the brand/site/business. A score between 50-60% is considered average and a score above 60% is considered excellent. There are easy to use tools online to measure your domain authority.

    The Benefits of Local Link Building for SEO

    Every piece of content on your website contributes to its overall page rank and that includes your links, both internal and external. By focusing on a link building strategy you can help to boost your chances of appearing in local search results. In the event that popular local sites link to your competitors, you will see a reduced rate of customers and a lower conversion rate and that’s just bad for business!

    The past several years have seen a major push toward shopping local and moving away from nation-wide franchises and major corporations. This means there are more and more individuals trying to find local products, services and specialists. If you aren’t appearing on the first page of Google, you likely won’t benefit from this small business revolution but an effective  local link building strategy will increase conversion rates. By driving local traffic to your website, you are more likely to convert readers to customers and improve your Google ranking.

    It is impossible for a business to grow if it isn’t able to connect with customers. Appearing on the fourth page of a Google search might as well be advertising on the moon. In order to connect with relevant audiences in your area, it is important to put your brand at the top of local search results. This means relevant engagement, the opportunity for recurring interactions/projects and referrals.

    For many companies that provide remote services or ship products internationally, it isn’t always a priority to feature local keywords or networks. For those in a designated area, it is key to connecting with other members of the community. It is very common for search engine users to finish a search inquiry with “near me”, ex. “Mexican restaurants near me”, “hardware stores near me”, “art galleries near me”, etc. This “near me” prefix is being used more frequently year over year.

    Some of the factors that will improve your ranking in localized searches include: a nearby address listing, having a local phone number listed, and information about the surrounding community.

    Designing a Local Link Building Strategy

    On average, it takes up to seven brand impressions for users to take action. This means that your brand will need to pop up in front of potential customers up to seven times before they make a purchase or book a consultation. By increasing brand visibility, these points of contact will be established quicker and action is encouraged earlier on. Keep your brand fresh in the minds of audiences and encourage meaningful engagement with your audience.

    Links are incredibly important for local SEO because they will help to boost your online search rankings, making you more visible and more likely to convert online audiences into customers. The experts at Quake Media are able to create effective link building strategies that fit the unique needs of your business and budget.