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    Quake Media offers full-service website development combined with unique media strategies in order to give you the most appealing and user-friendly website possible. Our process of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) attracts customers in Vancouver and all of Canada to your website while custom Web design and Wordpress themes set you apart from the competition.

    About Us

    Maintaining Successful Global Partnerships

    Over the years, our media team has had the opportunity to partner with a variety of diverse clients and brands from across a wide range of industries. High profile projects, such as recent work with HBO, Netflix and Hallmark TV, demonstrate our abilities to create digital banner ads, as well as full-page takeovers. Dynamic designs, as well as curated advertising can be made to fit any demographic group while maintaining a sense of uniqueness and brand identity.

    Quake Media offers a unique perspective for your customers, both potential and current, by maintaining a distinct voice for your brand and identity. Custom Wordpress themes can help to create the ideal first impression, necessary to put your best foot forward. When visitors land on your website, they will be left with a lasting impression that will keep your business fresh in their minds.

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    About Quake Media

    A Web Agency Geared Toward Growth

    • Our Mission

      Help our customers stand out with engaging layouts, designs and information content.

    • The Vision

      The goal of Quake Media is to grow our brand, while improving the online presence of our clients.

    • Our Philosophy:

      We take your vision, and bring it to life! Working alongside clients creates a unique voice with unique presentation for your custom built website.

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    Recent Projects

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    Working Process

    The Quake Process



    Initial design consultations allow us to understand your needs


    Initial Designs

    Design approvals are done using real, visual mockups to understand the scope of your final project


    Web Build

    Coding practices help to bring your ideal designs and layouts to life



    Once approved and optimized for mobile devices, sites are ready to be made live


    Dreaming Up An Existing Project?

    Looking to Optimize Your Website with SEO Services?

    Clients Testimonials

    Over 100 five stars on Google


    I was really sick of visiting other websites and seeing the exact same layout as my own. How can you expect to stand out when you are using the same design as a million other companies? I knew I wanted to bring my own unique spin to my site, so I called Quake for a bit of help. TC and Tyler understood my brand and helped to build something that was clean but not boring. Everything fit with the personal style that I try to bring to my everyday, right down to the footer. They found a way to incorporate all of the necessary information without loosing any edge.

    Liam Plunkett

    As an interior designer, it is pretty embarrassing to have an ugly website. Every time I tried to load before/after photos, the gallery would slow the whole site down. I didn’t have proper footers and could not get my colour palettes right. After struggling for over a year with an amateur website, Quake was able to build something that reflects my mission statement as a designer and help our brand shine through instead of looking unprofessional. Really happy with the end result and genuinely enjoyed the process. I tell everyone that they should be using Quake.

    Julian Hough

    One of the things that makes Quake an ideal company to work with, is the diversity in their staff. As an investment firm, it is important to be able to get opinions from a wide range of people. It was great to get so many different viewpoints from people who know a lot about investing and others who are new to it. It made it possible to see where my potential clients might be getting lost in the process or could be put off with language that is too specific. Sometimes you can get too close to a project and can lose sight of your ideal reader/key demographic. The Quake team helped me to create a webspace that caters to my core demographic both with the information being used and in the layout.

    Sarah N

    I was referred to Quake by a friend who had done a website for them in the past. I didn’t think that there was much point in using a professional designer for my blog, since it was more of a hobby than anything, but decided to give it a try anyway. Having a user friendly site made it simple for me to add admins to help me, without giving up control and it has never been easier for me to add new content, which has helped to grow my audience.

    Larry Q

    Quake Media helped me build a new site from the ground up. I don’t know anything about web design, but they were able to walk me through all of the necessary steps. They helped to organize my domain names, logos and hosting and even walked me through how to use the custom theme.

    Alex Hales

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